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SLIMPACK is at Vitafoods Geneva from October 5th to 7th 2021! The dietetic supplements event opens in october after 2 years closure. So, we’re impatient to meet you on our stand 301! We’ll present you:– new slimming and wellness products– news ingredients anti-aging Take your free registration now >

Hyaluronic Acid: the anti-aging ingredient

At 45, we have lost 50% of our capital in hyaluronic acid. 1/ Hyaluronic acid: its properties Stimulates cell regeneration Plumping effect thanks to its ability to absorb 300 times its weight in water Repairs and heals Modulates inflammation 2/ Hyaluronic acid: why supplement themself At 25 years of age, HA synthesis decreases. Every 10 […]

Physical exercise: how to optimize your effort and tone your body

What training and diet to increase muscle mass and burn fat? 3 points to take into account to lose weight and improve performance 1/ The best time to train Training in the morning on an empty stomach increases fat burning. For example, a group of 40 overweight or obese men exercising before breakfast burned double […]


This diet savoury snack will wake up your meal! They are tasty and nutritionally well balanced: high in proteins high in fibers low in fat low in sugar And qualitatively well rated: gluten free palm oil free In Practice Nutritional values ​​for 1 portion of 40 g Protein – 13 gFat – 8 g of […]

Lose Weight with Green Proteins

Are green proteins effective for weight loss? Food riche in vegetable proteins are: lentils, peas, squash, rice, soy, hemp…Extracted from these plants, green protein powders concentrate between 60 and 80% of proteins. Plesbicited vegetable proteins Since 2017, the references based on vegetable proteins have been multiplied by 2.This, due to a high demand from consumers […]

Marine Collagen and Muscular Mass

A new study (Nutrients 2019) evaluated the effects of a marine collagen supplementation with resistance training on body composition. So, premenopausal women completed a 12-week resistance training (3 day/week) and ingested 15 g of marine collagen / day or placebo. Results showed:– gain fat-free mass– reduction fat mass–  increase in leg and hand strength  Marine […]

Sugar: between love and mistrust

French people like sugar:– 77% enjoy sweet sweets, twice the European average– they crunch 7.6 kgs of chocolate / year. Refined sugar is perceived negatively: calories – diabetes – health problem – cancer … Compared to its alternatives: honey, coconut sugar, whole sugar, agave syrup … This perception is even more significant since the 2019’s […]

Plant-based protein vs Animal protein: beneficial effects

The growth of the market for “meat free”, is estimated at + 6.8% by 2023 This trend towards a reduction in meat consumption is mainly based on an increase in flexitarianism. Their main motivations:– preservation of natural resources– ecological interest– animal wellbeing– food crises Plant-based protein vs Animal protein: their specificities Plant-based proteins– fibers– oméga-3 […]

The future nutricosmetics of cosmetics

Nutricosmetics is currently a real growth vector. The global market is expected to reach a little less than 9 billion euros in 2026. While the European market is still shy because of more demanding regulations. Yet, the nutricosmetic draws its potential into many needs: teenagers’ skin to skin aging and hair loss. Moreover, it responds […]

How “Gluten free” helps to lose weight

If only 1% of the population suffers from coeliac disease, an allergy to gluten, on the other hand 15 to 20% would be hypersensitive to gluten. This increasing number of hypersensitivity is related to the gluten content of the new wheat obtained by hybridization to improve the baking of the dough.  But our digestive enzymes […]