The future nutricosmetics of cosmetics
Publié le Thursday 17 October 2019

Nutricosmetics is currently a real growth vector. The global market is expected to reach a little less than 9 billion euros in 2026.
While the European market is still shy because of more demanding regulations.

Yet, the nutricosmetic draws its potential into many needs: teenagers’ skin to skin aging and hair loss. Moreover, it responds perfectly to the trend of “in & out

Nutricosmetics supplements the action of cosmetics.

Example: use of collagen in cosmetics and nutrition products.

Slimpack, specialist in health nutrition, offers hydrolysed peptides of 100% marine collagen for a perfect assimilation.

Hydrolysed peptides of 100% marine collagen are clinically recognized for improving skin hydration and suppleness as well as reducing wrinkles.

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