How “Gluten free” helps to lose weight
Sans gluten et perte de poids
Publié le Thursday 3 October 2019

If only 1% of the population suffers from coeliac disease, an allergy to gluten, on the other hand 15 to 20% would be hypersensitive to gluten.

This increasing number of hypersensitivity is related to the gluten content of the new wheat obtained by hybridization to improve the baking of the dough.  But our digestive enzymes have not followed this evolution and can not digest such concentrations of gluten

Various disorders manifest themselves:
– imbalance of intestinal flora
– aggression of the intestinal mucosa
– passage of toxins and food debris into the bloodstream

They are varied and exacerbated with the amount of gluten absorbed and the level of stress:
– swollen belly
water retention
– weight gain

– constipation
– headache
– …

Adopting a wheat-free diet will not only bring a better digestive comfort but is essential to lose weight.

That’s why our gluten-free slimming bars (chocolate, nougat, peanut) rich in prebiotic fibers help to restore the balance of the intestinal flora, the regeneration of the intestinal wall.

Consumed as part of a diet low in wheat, they can lift the brakes to weight loss while restoring intestinal comfort.

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