Sugar: between love and mistrust
Publié le Sunday 24 November 2019

French people like sugar:
– 77% enjoy sweet sweets, twice the European average
– they crunch 7.6 kgs of chocolate / year.

Refined sugar is perceived negatively: calories – diabetes – health problem – cancer …
Compared to its alternatives: honey, coconut sugar, whole sugar, agave syrup …

This perception is even more significant since the 2019’s Finance Law which combats the overconsumption of sugar.

Sugar: enjoy vs health

However, its value pleasure and source of energy persists.

It retains a positive perception in sports. It represents energy, endurance and performance.

The consumer is ready to limit his consumption but on the condition of keeping the pleasure.


Their expectations:
– low fat gourmet recipes
– products incorporating “healthy” alternatives to refined sugar

SLIMPACK, healthy products low in sugar

Slimpack, develops gourmet recipes low in sugars. They are consumed for a slimming purpose as a healthy gourmet break.
sweet desserts (chocolate mousse, vanilla flan, caramel cream …):
= 1.6 g of sugar / portion
vs classic chocolate mousse = 20.1 g
> Slimpack’s desserts = – 92 % less sugar
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chocolate bar:
= 5.4 g of sugar / bar
vs traditional chocolate bar = 35 g
> Slimpack’s bar = – 84 % less sugar
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