Plant-based protein vs Animal protein: beneficial effects
Publié le Thursday 7 November 2019

The growth of the market for “meat free”, is estimated at + 6.8% by 2023

This trend towards a reduction in meat consumption is mainly based on an increase in flexitarianism.

Their main motivations:
– preservation of natural resources
– ecological interest
– animal wellbeing
– food crises

Plant-based protein vs Animal protein: their specificities

Plant-based proteins
– fibers
– oméga-3 fats
– C, B9 vitamins
– magnesium
– phytonutrients: carotenoïds, polyphenols, antioxidants

Animal proteins
– minerals: zinc, iode, héminique iron well-assimilated 
– long-chain omega-3
– B12 vitamin

A drop in the consumption of animal protein should be offset by a higher consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes with a maintenance of dairy products

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