Superfoods & green proteins

At the forefront of current trends, Slim Pack is a partner of choice to develop to your brand healthy and natural products, including vegetable proteins and super-ingredients.

  • For a healthier diet every day, our FOOD range includes :
  • natural superfoods, sweet or savory, to eat at breakfast or during main meals like soups or desserts
  • cooking aids or cooking mixes: pure vegetable protein to cook by bringing more vegetable protein into the diet, to replace or reduce animal protein (meat, vegan diet)
  • supersnacks for a healthy and tasty break.

They are ideally used after weight loss to stabilize, after the sport, in the office, for all and every day. These products allow a healthy (re)framing of the diet.

The “+” products offered in the FOOD range:

  • Protein-rich, low in sugars or lipids
  • Naturalness
  • Diet or vegan transition
  • Local, France or Europe food chain
  • Gluten free
  • Neither aspartame nor acesulfame of potassium … (detail according to each product).

With a real well-being benefit.

Our FOOD products adapt to modern lifestyles thanks to their practicality: instant preparations, cooking mixes, snacks and nomadic products. While remaining greedy!

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